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The Digital pH Meter is a convenient and safe way of testing the pH of water and other solutions.

Digital pH Meter


How to use the Digital pH Meter

To test your drinking water, remove the probe cover and simply immerse the tip in the water you are planning to drink. pH is measured on a scale of 14, with 1 representing total acidity, and 14 representing total basicity, or alkalinity. A reading of 7 represents a perfect balance between acidity and basicity.

the Digital pH Meter is fully callibrated

Your pH Meter arrives fully callibrated, however should you need to recalibrate it, use the FREE Buffer Solution included.

Some typical Applications for the Digital pH Meter

Anti-freeze recycling
Test the pH of your aquarium
Boiler, Chemical Industry, Cooling Tower
Drinking Water
Fish Farming & Food Industry
Garden husbandry
Laboratory usage
Swimming pool & Spa
Water Treatment

Features of the Digital pH Meter: 

1. Microprocessor based with splash proof housing.
2. Large LCD built into adjustable "flip-up" cover. Simultaneous display pH and Temperature.
3. Rugged design for handheld or bench top use, neckstrap for "hands-free" operation.
4. Automatic or manual temperature compensation. °C/°F switchable
5. Simple to calibrate by one keyboard for 5 points buffer, calibration value can be adjusted as needed.
7. Indicate percentage of slope (PTS) after calibration.
8. Low battery and consumption indicator.
9. Auto shut off after 10 minutes of non use.

Accessories for complete kit:
1. pH electrode.
2. Buffer solution 4 & 7.
3. Distilled water.
4. 9V Battery.
5. Instruction manaul.
6. Carrying case.

the Digital pH Meter comes complete with instructions, protective carry case, Free pH Buffer Solution for callibration.

Digital pH Meter Case

The Health Benefits Of Drinking Alkaline Water

  • Alkaline water can make you feel less hungry, making it far a good weight loss drink.
  • Viruses and bacteria cannot survive in an alkaline rich environment; so drinking alkaline water is believed to help ward off many kinds of viral problems.
  • Alkaline water neutralizes acids and helps flush toxins from the body, working as a natural detoxification system.

The pH level of our bodies is directly related to our overall well being; keeping acidity low is the best way to promote an optimal pH level in your body.

While we’d all love to do anything to improve our health, the cumbersome nature of most pH meters makes it impractical to carry everywhere. Until recently, those interested in testing the pH of their drinking water were forced to either carry their meter with them or only test water at home.

Raise the pH of your fish tank.Raising pH Levels of a fish tank or Aquarium

Commercial products are available that can raise the pH level of water that is too acidic. These products can be bought at pet supply stores or your reputable dealer. As with products designed to lower the pH level, be sure to read the manufacturers directions in regards to increasing pH level as well. Removal of aquatic life may be required depending on the type of product that you purchases.

Common household items can also be used to raise the pH level of your aquarium. Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) can be added to the water without the need to remove aquatic life. Depending on the acid levels of the water, a few teaspoons can be all that is needed to restore the pH ph Chartlevel to a healthy state. Adding Limestone rocks can also assist in raising the pH level of the water in your aquarium. This provides a very inexpensive way to make a gradual adjustment that won’t affect the health of your fish.

The Alkaline Booster is a patented alkaline concentrate. Mixing 4 drops of Alkaline Booster solution into an 8 ounce glass of water changes ordinary drinking water to a high pH alkaline drinking water. With Alkaline Booster, you can get alkaline water without any alkaline water maker or ioniser.

Many people have improved their health simply by drinking 5 glasses of alkaline water a day.

Digital pH Meter

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pH Meter Pen with Free Buffer Solution
pH Meter Pen

Why Test Drinking Water?

The stress of daily life, a poor diet, pollutants in the air, and whole array of other factors contribute to acid levels in the body, including drinking water.
The pH Meter allows you to eliminate this factor, ensuring that you’re drinking pure water with low acidity levels.

pH Meter Pen with Free Buffer Solution
pH Meter Pen

Is your body too acidic?

A simple saliva or urine test using pH test strips will tell immediately where your body is on the pH scale. 
Only £7 a box of 50

FAQ about pH meters
Q: Is this ph meter ok for hydroponics.
  A: Yes
Q: I need a pH tester for brewing cider - is this one suitable?
 A: Yes
Q: How long will it last before it needs re-calibrating?
 A: It all depends on how much you use the meter, if your using it quite regular then after a few times of using the meter it's recommended you re-calibrate, to guarantee accurate results.
Q: What is pH buffer solution used for, when should it be used and why the different grades? How do I calibrate the pH with buffer solution?
 A: The buffer solutions are used to calibrate the meter, Immerse the electrode in the buffer solution and gently shake the electrode, regulate the trimmer with a screwdriver until the meter reading value matches that of the buffer solution.
Q: Is this suitable to test the pH of water?
 A: Yes
Q: Can it measure soil pH? 
 A: No this meter is not suitable for soil pH, you need a meter with a more heavy duty probe.